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EV Charging Infrastructure Through Mobile APP

by Admin
April, 13

Electric vehicles (EV) can be charged in a variety of ways, depending on location and requirement. Accordingly, charging infrastructure for EVs is of different types and designed for different applications. Specifications and standards for EV chargers, also known as electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE), vary from one country to another, based on available EV models in the market and the characteristics of the electricity grid.

Pratikshat brings you the web & app-based solutions for electric vehicle charging networks all over India. It’s Now easier than ever to become used to these energy-efficient vehicles with the following features that you can avail yourself of.

Tracking Status of Charging:

Every EV owner is mainly concerned with the available energy on his vehicle while on the wheels. And in this smart era where every device and household equipment is getting synced day by day into your small palm with the help of a mobile app, we also focused to develop a mobile-friendly solution that can notify you in case of low battery or just display the battery percentage on your Vehicle.

Electric Consumption by The Vehicle

Nowadays everyone wants to keep a count on the electricity consumption so that it does not dig a hole in your pocket for unmeasured electricity consumption. Our infrastructure allows the user to check the kW Usage after every charging completes.

Successful or Failed Payment Transactions

Our EV app infra also opens up the opportunity to check the payment transactions log of your device synchronously. And just with a few mobile clicks, you can also generate a transaction report.

Notification to aAlert of Charging Status Reaching below The Point

You have the full leverage to set your threshold benchmark for sending you a custom notification while energy drops below that margin. Adding to it, you can also configure the channels where you want to deliver the message.

Add EV Charge Points at Different Locations

The main and foremost feature of any EV charger app is to find the nearest charging locations. With the use of enriching Google Maps API, we could list out all the available charging stations in the app with ease of access.

Share Your Charger

We all know sharing is caring and with this app, you carry the freedom to add your friends or family members to the sharing list and they can also avail of all the facilities in the same app.

It took enough time to get a good grip on the customer base to introduce Electric Vehicles around the globe as the performance was not matching in the first baby step. But while EV charging involves digital technology, it grabs quite a noticeable demand as people nowadays are very much keen on using a mobile app for their every need. With the app, you can also search for an EV charging station nearby and thus an unused or unpopular EV charging station also gets into good use as customers are locating EV charging stations via their app. So this Digital approach actually does a tremendous and very important blend over the existing and new digital charging infrastructure.

Thus we encourage the customers to go complete eco friendly and try this all-new evolved EV Charging infrastructure through the mobile app.


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